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Dinosaurs and dragons grazing in the clouds

(Versión en castellano aquí /Spanish version here) *To my English readers: I apologize for every mistake. Please be aware I am a Spanish writer who translates what you have asked for.
There are many people who look at the stars for answers to questions or anxieties. Even if the sky is covered by thick layers of clouds, looking up at the infinite blue is always a good idea, because at any moment you may discover grazing dinosaurs and dragons in the clouds.

Dolphin over Sausalito (California).
We are not replicants like Rutger Hauer of Do androids dream of electric sheep?, the science fiction novel by the American writer Philip K. Dick that inspired the film Blade Runner. But certainly there are among us millions of people with the same hobby as the members of the Society of Friends of the Clouds: to explore the skies in search of the perfect cloud. So... if you are really lucky you may find beautiful clouds as the dolphin of the picture, captured in half-leap in Sausalito (California), with its snout sniffing the heights and its tail riveted of graceful movements. A dolphin, of course, made of small water particles suspended in the lower atmosphere.

Is it a dragon or a dinosaur?
Fishes, dinosaurs, rats, horses, dragons ... and countless forms captured from the cameras of the members of this society. There are clouds that admit more than one interpretation, like this one, that many people describe as a dinosaur meanwhile other think it is a dragon.

Pegasus over Kefalonia Island (Greece).
The same can be said of this picture taken by myself with the shape of the winged horse Pegasus. I was fortunate to see this lovely formation of clouds over the skies of Kefalonia Island, and the picture was taken from Ithaca, the home of Odysseus.

Chimney made of scraps of clouds.
Of course not every cloud you can observe in the skies over the world is going to be so beautifully sculpted, but all of them have something special and are unique in their kind.
Just look at the curious picture of this plume, made from lots of scraps of clouds, in a perfect alignment with the chimney of the house. The optical illusion is incredible.

Waterfall of clouds over Geneva.
I love this waterfall of clouds over Geneva, perhaps because it reminds me the time I used to spend hanging in the clouds, all those happy and productive hours that I spent in the heaven of weightlessness. It may seem a remote period now, but at that time I felt I was invincible, I felt that nobody or nothing could hurt me while I were lying in my lazy bed of white clouds.

'Morning Glory' cloud fomation.
I also like the 'Morning Glory' cloud formation that dominated the skyline over Sweers Island (Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria, Australlia) last August. This well-known atmospheric phenomenon wasn't expected untill September but it came earlier this year. Amazing!
In the end, all that matters is how to enjoy the limited amount of time a human being can devote to looking at the sky and wondering what the hell is the life on Earth

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